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Shown in medium oak

Shown in taupe and silver Dutch Metal Leaf

Mahogany & gilt, cream & gilt, cream & pink and cream & Dutch Metal Leaf

Shown in Blacksmith Black finish.

Shown in Maple

Shown in Mahogany

Left: Cherry. Right: Maple with Dutch Metal Leaf

Left ring: Mahogany with red beads. Right ring: Sycamore.

Shown in painted cream; one with a blue band, one with a dutch metal leaf band

Left ring: Sycamore & Black. Right ring: Golden Sycamore & Black.

Shown in mahogany

Shown in Limed Oak

Shown in Natural Mahogany

Shown in Limed Oak

Shown in Medium Oak

Shown in Sycamore

Shown in Natural Oak & black

Shown in Mahogany

Moon gold water gilt gold leaf

Shown in Mahogany

Shown in Antique Pine

Shown in Oak

Shown in Medium Oak