Regency Collection

The Regency Collection

Vibrant colours from Little Greene English Heritage range

The Regency Collection celebrates the Regency Period from 1811 to 1820 when the Prince of Wales was acting as Regent and presiding over the building of Regent Street, Cumberland Terrace and impressive buildings such as Carlton House and Brighton Pavilion.

We have teamed up with The Little Greene Paint Company to use colours from their ‘Colours of England’ range, developed in association with English Heritage.

These colours used with gilt reflect the great flamboyancy of the age.

Featured in these photographs

Large and medium Fairfax Finials in Pale Lime and Celestial Blue and Inverted Rib & Ogee Finial in Pearl Colour.

Medium Fairfax Finial in Pale Lime, Monaco Tieback in Boxington, Large Fairfax Finial in Celestial Blue, Simple Ball & Button Finial in Blue Verditer, Inverted Rib & Ogee Finial in Pearl Colour, Jewel Uncarved Finial in Green Verditer.

Leaf & Rib Finial in Green Verditer, Honeysuckle Finial in Gilt, Orleans Finial in water gilt gold leaf, Parasol Finial in Celestial Blue & Gold, Fluted curtain pole in Green Verditer.

Colours from The Little Greene Paint Company.