Dateline Collection

Antiques of the future. Designs taken from a variety of artefacts to match specific period interiors. Based on decorative motifs and sourced from furniture, paintings, catalogues and manuscripts from the same dates.

All are handmade and hand carved and polished using traditional techniques.

From left to right, top to bottom

Honeysuckle C circa 1765
Arlesford 1772
Osterley 1775
Caroline 1780
Fairfax 1784
Newby 1784
Sudbourne 1784
Arrowhead A circa 1791
Sheraton 1791
Regency Pineapple 1810
Bamboo 1820
Cone & Gadroon 1830
Lambeth 1850
Scalloped Cover 1860
Ball Gadroon circa 1860